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Disney Store Customer Service Phone Number, Email ID, Office Address

The store of Disney Store (disneystore.co.uk) was firstly opened in the year 1987 in Glendale, California. Since then, the stores have been increasing in its numbers. It has reached to over 300 Disney Stores across North America, Japan and Europe. Yearly visitors to these stores are more than 225 million. The company offers premium selection of variety of products like bags, towels, swimwear, summer hats, shoes, clothing and many more from pajamas to snow-globes and from toys to costumes, everything.

The company, Disney Stores has utmost variety of clothes, soft toys, normal toys, costumes, home ware, personalized gifts and collectibles. This company was founded in the year as an online retail company.
To get all the customer services offered by the company including the social media pages, official contact details and other relevant links of Disney Store, you may go through the below mentioned information. It is sourced from the official website of the said company and thus authentic.

Disney Store Customer Service Contact Details

Disney Store Customer Service Number: +44 (0)800 014 9648

This is not a toll free number and charges will incur. This is the direct number for those who want to have a word with the customer service department of the company. This public company unique and high quality merchandise presented as the Disney brand.

Disney Store Customer Service Email ID: service@disneystore.co.uk

This is the mailing address of Disney Store through which anybody can give their suggestions, compliments, complaints, feedback to the company directly. The company claims to revert as soon as possible.

Disney Store Office Contact Details

Disney Store Head Office Address: The Disney Store Ltd Guest Services Mail Code 2922 3 Queen Caroline Street London W6 9PE UK

The physical address of Disney Store has been mentioned above for all those interested people who would want to write to the company. This can be used as the postal address of the said company.

Disney Store Official Website: disneystore.co.uk

This link is of the official web page of Disney Store. This has all the detailed information of each and everything which is related to the company.

Disney Store Fax Number: N.A

No provision of fax number has been made by the company yet.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page: facebook.com/DisneyStoreUK

YouTube Channel: youtube.com/disneystore

LinkedIn Profile: linkedin.com/company/the-disney-store

Important Links

Contact Page: disneystore.co.uk/on/demandware.store/Sites-disneyuk-Site/en_GB/CustomerService-ContactUs

To get all the contact details of Disney Store, you may go through the above link. It is the official contact page of the company.

Product Related Frequently Asked Questions: disneystore.co.uk/customer-service-landing?cid=product-queries

To ask with the company regarding anything related to the company’s products, you may leave a comment on the above page of FAQ.

Head Office Career Page: disneystore.co.uk/careers-head-office/careers-head-office.html

Get a job and be a part of the company’s head office. This can be useful for those who are seeking jobs.

Disney Store Career Page: disneystore.co.uk/careers-stores/careers-stores.html

Work and be a part of the company by simply following the procedure under this link. Read thoroughly and follow.

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  • Misbah Irfan December 17, 2016, 3:57 am

    I went into disney store (Bullring, Birmingham) on 3rd November 2016 and was intending to purchase the small minnie soft toy when I saw the large minnie toy. I mentioned to my sister that I had previously purchased the large minni for £20 and therefore we should wait until they go in the sale and we could purchase both the large minnie and mickey.

    A sale assistant overheard our conversation and kindly told us that it was reduced to 25 and if we wanted he could search the store room to see if a mickey was available.

    Although both large soft toys were available, I mentioned once again that they had been sold for £20 in previous years and because I was in no hurry, I’d rather wait till they do.

    He informed us that this year they were not intending to reduce the toys any further. I was sceptical and therefore he suggested that we could always return and rebuy them if they did reduce, with the differance in cash if within 28 days or on a gift card if over the 28 days, providing we kept our receipt.

    On 15th December, I noticed that the toys had actually reduced to £20. As I have a 4 month old baby and the soft toys are large, and hence difficult to carry, I called Disney Store Bullring to confirm that it was still ok to get the differance on a gift card. The female staff member said she would need to confirm with the manager and on waiting a few minutes on the line confirmed it was ok to do so.

    However, on 16th December, as I was running late in another store, I called the Disney store once more to obtain the closing time. I explained the situation and the staff member confirmed he was infact the store manager and he had not confirmed any such thing to any staff member the previous day and that he could not refund the soft toys at £25 on a gift card but only at £20 each despite having paid £25 each. He stated that there was no use coming to the store with the toys despite being in city centre.

    I am very dissapointed that I was given incorrect informatiom by not 1 but 2 staff members. I feel that the first staff member encouraged me to make the purchase to make a sale on the day. I do not know who the 2nd member of staff spoke to and why she too confirmed it was ok to bring the soft toys in and get £10 on a gift card.

    This has caused me alot of inconveniance especailly as I have a 4 month old baby who feeds every hour. I have had to carry these large toys throughout my shopping today alongside other shopping and a baby. I do not approciate being lied to and will not be visiting this store again.

  • Nina April 13, 2017, 11:32 pm

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I would like to complain for the service I received by Disey Store on Grafton street in Dublin, Ireland.

    I’m upset for the way I’ve been treated by staff at counter, Claire L, CM ID 1083650, at 17:56 on 13th April.

    I asked her if I could pay with the reward card I got from company- prepaid MasterCard need to swipe. Firstly she shouted over the counter asked other staff if this type of card was accepted. It made me unpleasant at counter, especially with the queue behind me. When other girl told her “it should be ok, give it a go first”, Claire went “sorry we do not accept it”. I mentioned it was accepted in other shops, why don’t you give it a go first? She replied “our shop has higher stand of security check, I’m not sure if the card was yours, could be stolen or something”. I informed again it was a reward card from my company and offered to present her my photo ID and company work badget.
    Of course she declined again, not going to try or check with manager.

    It was humiliating for asking to try to pay with validate card and suspect it was a stolen card in front of all those people. I paid with my regular bank card and felt I have to run away from the shop as I was embarrassed.

    When I was walking on the street, I started to think why should I feel that way when I supposed to enjoy the recognition and little award I got from work? I’ve been working in guest relations and customs services, understand how important the “secure payment” means. However this is certainly not the way customer supposed to get treated. I do not deserve to get suspicious when I’m trying to pay with legal validate card. I can see Disney Store trying their best on proving best customer experience but I’m very disappointed by the way I got treated.

    I wish no other customer will be treated by this way.

    Thank you for your time. Looking forward to hear from you.

    Warm Regards,


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