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ODEON Cinemas Office Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website

ODEON Cinemas is a British largest and best known cinema chain in UK and Ireland. The cinema chain is currently owned and operated by Odeon UCI Cinemas Group that is ultimately the part of Terra Firma Capital Partners. It offers the advanced version of cinematic experience, both IMAX and ISENCE offer unique cinema viewing and Odeon operates London’s BFI IMAX that is the largest cinema screen in UK. The cinema chain has the biggest cinema loyalty scheme of UK that is the ODEON Premiere Club which has more than 2 million members.

Odeon Cinemas was created by Oscar Deutsch and the first cinema was opened in 1928 in Brierley Hill, England with the name of Picture House. Deutsch’s cinema was the first to use the Odeon brand name at Perry Barr, West Midlands in 1930.

Odeon Cinema offers more than a standard cinema screen , popcorn and soft drinks. Now it also includes Costa Coffee on its maximum locations, cocktail lounge called Ambar, gallery offering includes unlimited popcorn, nachos, soft drinks and the lounge that is the example of ultimate luxury.

Odeon Cinemas Customer Service Details

ODEON Cinemas Office Contact Details

ODEON Cinemas Office Address : ODEON Cinemas Limited, 54 Whitcomb Street, London, WC2H 7DN, United Kingdom. Registered in England under company number – 01854132

ODEON Cinemas Office Phone Number :

            Information & Bookings                    0871 2244 007
              Gift & Gift Card Sales                    0800 88 89 11
      Disability & Accessibility Helpline                    0800 138 3315
            Conferencing & Events                    020 7321 6237
               Internet Helpline                    0871 224 0321

ODEON Cinemas Office Email ID : GS@odeon.co.uk

ODEON Cinemas Official Website : www.odeon.co.uk

The online tickets for the movie can be booked through the official website of the company. It also flashes the offers and discounts on the cinema tickets. The new releases and the going on movies are displayed on its platform. It also provides the useful information about the cinemas in details.

Important Links

Cinema Listings & Tickets : www.odeon.co.uk/cinema-tickets
Visit this page for cinema listings and to find the nearest Odeon cinema. This page will guide you with the latest cinemas and the exact address of the cinema nearest to you.

Odeon Premiere Club : www.odeon.co.uk/odeon-premiere-club/#join-now 
Visit the page to get to know about the Odeon premiere club and to join it. The three types of offers provided by premiere club are listed here along with their charges.

Odeon Gift Card : www.odeon.co.uk/gift-cards
You can treat your family, friends, staff or clients with the gift of cinema. Buy Odeon gift card in the designs that you like, visit the page to get further details about the gift card.

Social Profiles

Facebook Fan Page : facebook.com/ODEON

Twitter Handle : twitter.com/ODEONCinemas

Youtube Channel : youtube.com/user/ODEONUK

Google Plus : plus.google.com/108840163093021728674/about

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  • Richarde Mckoy January 19, 2016, 6:17 pm

    The kiosk was closed so we had to queue for ages at food tills to buy ticket,the staff couldn’t handle the 2 jobs at once,thus making us miss the trailers.The staff were slow to deal with the general public at a decent time ratio.Then I was distressed at the £44.05 price tag for 2 tickets at £13 ? each…EXCLUDING the 2 pairs of 3d glass (outrageous)..”next “when we actually got seated just as film started,the film DIDN’T  show in 3d for the 1st 5-10 mins “thus causing me & a lot of other people to then go out the cinema back to tills to complain,a short time after a.member of staff quietly announced the problem /apologised then re-ran the film from the beginning;(this time in 3d..the combo of problems brought on to my girlfriend  & i completely ruined the experience,due to our experience with odeon cinema I find it hardly unlikely that I would use your franchise again.I don’t usually make complaints but these issues must be addressed. .I cannot be the only person to bring these points to ur attention

  • Frank D'Arcy-Hughes January 26, 2016, 6:27 pm

    My wife and I are in our mid 70’s and attend your screenings weekly at Crewe and on our monthly visits to Silverlink, Tyne & Wear.
    Late Nov., in Crewe I sat down on a broken seat, spilling scalding coffee over my lap/trousers; my wife and I left the premises to attend to the scald and for me to change attire. Prior to leaving, in response to our complaint, we were presented with 3 Guest vouchers for the two of us, with a Jan. 16 expiry date.
    Unfortunately, I was ill during the Dec.8 performance of Jane Eyre and had to leave at the interval. We also had tickets for the Dec.10 performance of Cavalleria Rusticana, which sadly we were unable to see due to a continuation of my illness. Thus we only had 1 Guest voucher still available to exchange for 2 tickets.
    As my illness is showing signs of improvement, today we approached the Crewe manager (name of Nicola) and asked if we could exchange the last Guest voucher for a performance in February (we were unavailable for the remainder of Jan. with prior medical arrangements). She flatly refused and showed a reluctance to listen being extremely dismissive.
    To say we are disappointed, is an understatement. Yours is a service industry and, we saw none of that today.

  • darren church February 6, 2016, 2:13 pm

    Have seen ur new cinema in orpington being built i have been searching ur website careers page for jobs at that location but as yet not found any….. How can i apply for a job. 07521239264

  • maneesha kiran September 29, 2016, 1:53 pm

    I want to talk to someone who could help me with screening bollywood movies at odeon Hatfield, Hertfordshire

  • Susannah Salino January 12, 2017, 11:48 pm

    hi there,

    Sorry if this is a bit of a rant but I have never experienced customer service like this?
    The odeon customer service is literally non-existent, I have tried literally every number i could find on the internet and they have either led to one answering machine message which promptly hangs up the phone on you or the number no longer exists. What the hell is the deal with this? the cinema is open now all evening with lots of staff who are usually very attentive and helpful. Customer helpline is a complete contradiction of terms, there is no HELP for any CUSTOMERS. We are snowed in and would like to have spoken to a person to see if we can change or alter our tickets.
    Even the live chatline doesn’t yield any help. I am really appalled and tempted not to ever go to the odeon again, I am a loyal member with a silver card and very annoyed about this.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Many thanks,

  • Roger Thompson February 24, 2017, 10:18 pm

    I went to see the opening showing of La La Land at the Bournemouth Odeon on the 13th Jan this year. When I got there I discovered that there was a technical problem and the showing had been cancelled. I received the money back on my pre-booked ticket. The desk staff were understandably embarrassed. Having given it some thought about the cost of travelling there and the car park cost and waste of time, I sent an email suggesting that they could offer me a voucher as compensation. No reply, so I sent an old fashioned letter addressed to the manager at the cinema. But no reply..completely ignored. I’m afraid this is typical of today’s attitude with large management. Would I go to the Odeon cinema again? I doubt it.
    As a footnote: In the end I did go to see the film at another local cinema after all the hype and fuss about the film, but left after 40 mins. Dreadful film. I think it is a case of the Emperor’s clothes…or a touch of La La Land!

  • Donna Edwards July 1, 2017, 6:58 pm

    Very disappointed with a recent visit to the Stoke On Trent odeon cinema. The film we were booked to watch with our two children was scheduled to start at 2 o’clock. However, as someone ‘forgot’ to play the trailers and 2 people were late for the start of the film a staff member switched the lights on, stopped the film and informed us 30 minutes into it that we would have to start from the beginning.
    Now, as I was attending the children’s film with 2 children and the cinema was full of children, because 2 people couldn’t manage their time better and be there prompt for the 2oclock start we all had to sit through the first 30 minutes of the film, AGAIN. An absolute shambles.

  • Ann Evans July 22, 2017, 12:23 am

    Sir, I visited the Odeon Cinema Coventry today, arrived ten minutes before the showing of the film. The box office was closed and tickets could only be purchased at the food serving area. I joined the queue of eighteen people but it took ten minutes to serve one customer with food and drink. Needless to say, I left and visited the showcase cinema in Coventry where I did not have to wait. I travelled ten miles to the cinema, wasted money to park my car and when I asked politely to purchase tickets was told I needed to take my turn.

    Your comments please.
    Ann Evans
    Neptune House,
    Tamworth Road,
    Coventry CV7 8JJ