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Tesco Customer Service Number, Email ID, Toll Free Helpline

Tesco is UK based multinational retailer of grocery and general merchandise headquartered in England , United Kingdom. It is the second largest retail chain in the world after Walmart and has stores in 12 countries across the world. The company is listed on London Stock Exchange , having market capitalisation of approx  £20.5 billion as on 4 August 2014 that is the 28th largest with the primary listing on the London Stock Exchange.

Jack Cohen founded Tesco in 1919 with a beginning to sell surplus groceries from a stall in London East End. His business tag line was “ pile it high and sell it cheap” and added an internal motto of “YCDBSOYA” that was “You Can’t Do Business Sitting On Your Arse”.

As per the data of March 2014 the company has 6784 stores worldwide in form of hypermarket, supermarket, supercenter, department store, discount store, forecourt store and warehouse club. Sir Richard Broadbent is the Chairman and Dave Lewis is the Group CEO of the company. www.tesco.com  is the online shopping platform of Tesco.

Here in this article we are sharing the customer service & support numbers, toll free helpline, email address and the useful links that would help customers to get best assistance related to product and services of the company.

Tesco Customer Service Contact Details

The customer service contact details given below can be used by the customers to ask their queries, problems, doubts or for giving feedbacks and suggestions to the company for its product and services.

Tesco Customer Service Number : 0800 50 5555 , 0330 123 4055 , 0800 323 4060 / 0330 123 4060 ( Tech Support ) , 0845 722 5533 ( Grocery, Books, Music, Video, DVD, Flowers, Games and Wine )

The above given phone numbers are the customer service  numbers shared by the company. Customers can feel free to get in touch with the service and support them to get specific assistance.

Tesco Customer Service Email ID :  customer.service@tesco.co.uk , support@tesco.net

The above email address is the official email id’s of the company to get in touch with. Write to the company for your queries, problems, feedbacks and suggestions. Customer support team is always there to assist you with better support and services.

Tesco Headquarters Contact Details

Important Links

Help Page : www.tesco.com/help
This the official help page of Tesco, you will find list of help sections for Online Stores, Online Services and More Informations. Visit the page to get assistance with all types of help you are looking from the company.

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  • john kirk September 11, 2016, 3:58 am

    Dear sir
    Whilst visiting your store in Thetford
    It was noticable that one of the columns
    Close to the exit and cash machine appear to have been pushed
    Moved off its base
    With visible damage to the mortar at the top
    Your facilities team will be aware but just to be certain i thought you shoul know…

  • chandi desilva September 14, 2016, 2:30 pm

    i am writing to inform you of an incident that took place yesterday at Tesco store in Lymington, Hampshire. this incident was threatning and agressive. i was in the store to buy the paper between 11 am and 1pm. i went up to where the papers and magazines are stored to pick up my sons match of the day magazine and a paper. which we buy every week. while i was there i picked up ‘Hello’ Magazine and was flicking thru it with hope of buying it. woman wearing Dark glases , in her late 60s or maybe early 70s approched me from my left hand side came right in to my space where i was standing. i moved away giving her much space to do what she had to do at the magazine shelf. i didnt look at her. while i could see her by the corner of my eyes she walked behind me and came to my sapce again from the right hand side and stood close to my face and proceeded to raise her voice at me saying “get out of the shop or buy the magazine” at this stage i told her it was none of her business she should keep walking and getting done what she came to do and walked back away form her back to the papers shelf. she kept staring at me like she was about ot hit me with her bag with complete aggression on her face. this woman was elderly but was threatning and aggressive. she completly intended to approche me and harrase me. it was very clear to me.
    i forgot to buy my sons magazine or what i came to buy for me, i picked up the nearest paper and a OK magazine and went up to the counter to buy it. i was still shaken from the indicent and asked to make a complaint to the manager. i was sent up to the manager called Richard. Richard then called Brandon and asked him to chech the CCTV camera. Brandon came back and confirmed that this woman was harrasing me and that it is in the cctv. they asked me to point out the woman i did. Richared asked Brandon to approche this woman at the exit on her way out just before she left Brandon approched the woman and asked her why she did what she did to me to harrase me. but the woman seem angry and was not willing to accept her wrong doing. i stood there 5 or 6 feet away from Brandon Richard and the woman and pointed out to her that what she did was harrasment and that it is now caught in the CCTV camera that Tesco has by the entrance door. she looked at me in anger with and aggresseive face and managers let her go. i was asked to come to the office and make a complaint. i am puzzeled as to why the womans name or contact details were not taken for further investigations but i was expected to make a complaint. i didnt approch this woman nor did know this woman from anyhwere i am new to the area. unfortunatly this is not the first time i am and my son was harrased at this store. we have made a another complaint prior to this incident about man who shouted at us to leave this country at the same magazine section in Tesco Lymington.
    i am wondering if you could investigate in to this incident further and contact me back. i have made a complaint to the police regarding this incident at the same time i was in the store. it is a known fact that i am a targetted individueal but if i am targetted in every public place i go to in lymington then i will not hessitate to now write to the department of justice in this country as i do not go out of my way to upset anyone. nor do i initiate conversation with any one for fear of beeing discriminated. i await your response.


    chandi desilva.

  • Mary tyler October 11, 2016, 1:34 pm

    I wish to thank Tesco staff at Whitehorse Rd Thornton Heath,Saturday I had a blackout in the store,fell down banged my head hard,passed out,there was a lord of blood,someone called the hospital quickly,must have given the staff a fright,please give him a gift from H.O.and thank himThanks
    Mary Tyler.

  • Gill Hurd November 29, 2016, 2:11 am

    I would like to place an online order. I live in South Africa. I would like to pay with my credit card, and have a delivery done to Tiny Meadows nr Launceston Cornwall. Is this possible? Please advise

  • Dr Robert Scott June 12, 2017, 8:30 pm

    I made a purchase at my local store. I asked for a credit card receipt. I was told it was company policy not to issue a separate credit card receipt; the sales receipt was sufficient.
    My understanding is that a credit card receipt should include the words “Please retain for your records” or words to that effect. Your till receipt does not include this wording, but you will not provide a separate receipt. Why?


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