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TheTrainLine.com Office Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Website

The train line is the British online retailer for the online sales of the train ticket for British train services. It is the leader in the market of selling online train tickets in United Kingdom. The company also offers its services through mobile app on iOS, windows, android platform and by the telephone. Along with providing the online service direct to the customers through its own brands, it also provides the website services  to 14 to 20 UK train operating companies as well as providing rail business travel service to different blue chip companies, travel management companies and to the travel agents.

The train line was created in 1997 and the selling of ticket officially began in 1999. It was formerly a part of virgin group and today it is owned by private equity investors and management. The business expanded significantly and owned its main online competitor Qjump from National Express group in February 2004. The company also provides the call centre facilities to the customers and the main office is located in London and Edinburgh.

Doug McCallum is the Chairman and Clare Gilmartin is the CEO of the  industry. The products offered by the company are train ticket, best fare finder, ticket alerts, mobile apps, car hire and how to save.

The Train Line Office Contact Details

The Train Line Office Address : 50 Farringdon Road, London, EC1M 3HE, England , United Kingdom.Registered in England with registration number 3846791.

The Train Line Office Contact Number : 0203 128 2000, 0871 244 1545

The Train Line Official Website : www.thetrainline.com

The official website of the company is the main train ticket selling portal and managing the booking of the ticket. Visit the website for getting presales and aftersales  services of the company.

TheTrainLine.Com logo

The Train Line Customer Service Details

Important Links

Email Service :  help.thetrainline.com/app/ask
Visit the page to avail the email service of the travel group, fill in the form and get responded to all your enquiries with 12 hours by the company. You can enquire for the different kinds of enquiry services available on this page.

Best Fare Finder : www.thetrainline.com/farefinder
This page helps customer to find the cheapest fair across the service of the train. Choose your origin and destination along with the leaving and returning date to get the best fare possible.

Social Profiles 

Facebook Fan Page : facebook.com/thetrainlinecom

Twitter Handle : twitter.com/thetrainline

Youtube Channel : youtube.com/user/thetrainlinecom

Google Plus : plus.google.com/+trainline

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  • Philip martin May 3, 2016, 8:13 pm

    Never use again .Don’t use Rubish company

  • irene Patten November 29, 2016, 4:37 pm

    i dont know if this is where i complain to but i have tried the phone and cannot understand the person on the other end of the line {i am 78] i have bought tickets for blackpool {booking confirmation 2264734145] i seem to have press the wron g information on the internet so it is telling me to down load on to a phone we do not have a phone to do this on and your college did not help at all kept saying down load down load he didnt seam to understand I DO NOT HAVE OR KNOW ENYONE THAT HAS A SMART PHONE AND WHAT I GATHER I HAVE LOST MY MONEY ALL AS I WANTED FOR HIM TO TRANSFER IT INTO TICKETS IF THIS IS NOT POSSABLE THEN I SURGEST YOU CHANGE YOUR WAYS I HAVE NOW BOUGHT THE TICKETS I WANTED SO HOW YOU MUST MAKE A LOT OF MONEY FROM PEOPLE LIKE ME THAT CAN EASLEY MAKE A MISTAKE ENYONE CAN GET IT WRONG IRENE PATTEN

  • Susan Lang December 19, 2016, 9:59 pm

    I have had the runaround for nearly 3 damn hours!!! Phoned the above number 0203..as my grandaughter booked through TRAINLINE…kept ringing then my call was dropped!! This happened 4 times!!!!! Virgin train was very late…my grandaughter and her friend are STRANDED in Edinburgh through missing ALL their connections…I am SO ANGRY!!!!!! THERE IS NO ONE TO SORT IT….ALL VIRGIN ARE DOING IS PASSING THE BUCK!!!!! Now I have to find a way of trying to get her to her destinationShe is a JUNIOR SOLDIER.signed up for 12 YEARS willing to give her LIFE to defend these USELESS MORONS!!!!, BOOKING NUMBER K6JB9XHF…I bet that whoever reads this complaint is just laughing…sat on their backsides doing nothing..Never mind…They must have such SAD lives..No aspirations and NO chance of ANY kind of future apart from answering the phone…mind you,a trained monkey could do better!!!! Judging by the call dropping!

  • Jackie kellett January 4, 2017, 12:24 pm

    You advertise that Advanced Tickets available 12 weeks before travel are the cheapest way to buy tickets and recommend using your email notification service of when these tickets are available.

    Then why did you charge £23 each for Manchester to Bishop Auckland on 21st December yet if I were to book today, 4th January the price is £14.40.

    The same has happened on our outward journey, being charged £34 for first class tickets instead of £27

    Can you give me an explanation for this, please?

  • paul anderson February 28, 2017, 11:07 pm

    I bought a rail ticket through you, confirmation no. 2283074040.
    The ticket was only available with a mobile phone. I DO NOT HAVE a
    mobile phone, so how come I was able to book the ticket in the first place?
    Why didn’t you check this? Now I have forked out over £40 and because of your cancelling fees only get £20 refunded. I think you should refund the whole amount.

  • Vikram March 13, 2017, 8:53 pm

    I am booking my journey from Munich to Prague via

    07:15 München ZOB (Hackerbrücke)
    11:53 Praha hl.n. Wilsonova
    Bus 42050 2nd class at 57Euros for 2 adults and 1 youth on 12 May 2017.
    Can I book the seats also for this train.

  • Marg May 3, 2017, 8:35 am

    Senior couple living in Canada, trying to get some questions answered re online booking
    1) I do not have a clue how to tweet
    2) kind of expensive to make a phone call from here to UK.
    My question, tickets go on sale 12 weeks prior to departure?
    I am not going to the UK until for 20 weeks, however online states less than 7 tickets remaining for my time and date ?