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Alan Taylor Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Official Website

Alan Taylor who was born in the year 1959, is an established filmmaker who not only make films but American television shows as well , being known for his multi-talents so lets include one more ie. he is a screenwriter too !

Taylor was born to James  J . Taylor who was a videographer and his mother Mimi Cazort a curator and only a sibling Anna Domino who is a musician in Indie rock.

His earlier life was spent in Ottawa and did his schooling from Manor park public school and completed his high school from Lisgar Collegiate Institute. Did his masters in History from the Toronto University later shifted to Columbia University in New York City and directors like Martin Scorsese taught him how to film which is an art form.

Whatever he directed- the television shows mainly was aired on channel HBO. Apart from his work on television he had a keen interest in directing films on a big picture.

So he directed few movies on counting 5 till now which are Thor : The Dark World , Kill the Poor , The Emperor’s New Clothes , Terminator Genisys and Palookaville.

During the first season of  Deadwood in 2004 HBO’s western drama crew was joined by Taylor as the director and  the creator of this show David Milch who focused mainly on American show Old West.

Terminator Genisys which came recently ie. last year in 2015 is Taylor’s latest venture he directed. Fiction novel Roadside Picnic which came in 1971 is Alan’s new adaptation by making it into a television series which is ought to be named The Strugatsky brother’s .

Tv shows he worked upon were The West Wing , Six Feet Under , Lost , Deadwood and Mad men And the famous shows where he got a good response from the television audiences were Sex and the City and The Game Of Thrones .

Taylor has been living in New York City’s Brooklyn and has got three children Ginger Jameson and Wilia.

Alan Taylor Contact Details


Alan Taylor Address : Brooklyn New York City

Alan Taylor Phone Number : N/A
There is no contact number provided by Alan Taylor’s team for their fans.

Alan Taylor Official Email ID : N/A

Alan Taylor Official Websites : N/A

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Instagram Handle : N/A
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Some if the episodes he did in few series are :

Homicide : Life on the Street

2. Blood ties
3.The wedding
5.The Dog and pony shows
6.Forgive us and our trespasses
8.The True Test

Now and Again (1999) :
1.Over Easy
Deadwood :
1.Here was a man 2.Requiem of a Gleet
The Sopranos (1999) :
1. Pax Soprana
2. The Strong,Silent Type
3.Rat Pack
4. The Fleshy Part of the Thigh
5. The Ride
6.Kaisha Stage 5
7.Kennedy and Heidi
8. The Blue Comet

Palookaville : 1995
The Emperor’s New Clothes : 2001
Kill the Poor : 2003
Thor : The Dark World : 2013
Terminator Genisys : 2015

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