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what is David Attenborough contact number?

David Attenborough is a Naturalist and a Broadcaster by occupation. This English man is from London, England, United Kingdom. He was born in the year 1926 on May 8. His full birth name is David Frederick Attenborough. He is 5′ 10″ (1.78 m) tall height. He married to Jane Elizabeth Ebsworth Oriel in the year 1950 on February 17 and due to her death, their relationship ended in 1997 on February 16. They together had two children namely Robert Attenborough and Susan Attenborough. The various films which he produced are “Coelacanth”, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, Song Hunter, The Pattern of Animals, Zoo Quest, Quest for the Paradise Birds. These were produced in the 1950s. In the year 1960s, He did The People of Paradise, Elsa the Lioness, Attenborough and Animals and many more. In the 1970s, he did A Blank on the Map, Eastwards with Attenborough, Natural Break, Flying Prince of Wildlife etc. In the 1980s, he did The Spirit of Asia, The Million Pound Bird Book, World Safari, The First Eden and lot more. In the 1990s, the movies were The Trials of Life, Q.E.D. “Gallop to Freedom”, Heart of a Nomad, The Private Life of Plants, IMAX – “Survival Island” etc. In 2010s, the movies were Attenborough and the Giant Egg, The Death of the Oceans?, The Penguin King 3D, Secrets of Wild India, Attenborough’s Ark: A Natural World Special, Attenborough: 60 Years in the Wild, Hummingbirds: Jewelled Messengers, David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities: Series 1, Sky 3D Micro Monsters 3D, Wild Cameramen at Work etc.

About David Attenborough

David Attenborough Name  Sir David Frederick Attenborough
David Attenborough DOB  8 May 1926

His full birth name and date of birth is mentioned in the above section.

David Attenborough Phone Numbers

David Attenborough Personal Phone Number  n/a
David Attenborough Whatsapp Number  n/a
David Attenborough Mobile Number  n/a
David Attenborough Office Phone Number  n/a
David Attenborough Fax Number  n/a

David has not shared any contact number with us or on the internet openly.

David Attenborough Email IDs

David Attenborough Personal Email ID  n/a
David Attenborough Office Email ID  n/a

Unfortunately, he has not shared any official and personal email id with crowd publically.

David Attenborough Address

David Attenborough Residence Address  United Kingdom
David Attenborough Office Address  David Attenborough David Attenborough Productions, Ltd. 5 Park Road Richmond Surrey, TW10 6NS UK

You can use this address as a mailing address.

David Attenborough Official Website: n/a

The official website of David Attenborough is not working yet.

Social Media Profiles of David Attenborough

Facebook Fan Page  n/a
Twitter Handle  n/a
Instagram Handle  n/a
YouTube Channel  n/a
Snapchat ID  n/a

David is not active on social networking profiles.

13 thoughts on “David Attenborough Contact Address, Phone Number, Email ID, Official Website

  1. We’ve always enjoyed all of your series, Planet, Blue Planet, and all the rest. Whenever your shows are on BBC, we’re there all day. What a pleasure they are and how much we learn from each show. We’ve published a book called “Ancient Allies: Animal & human stories that may not have started well, but have happy endings!” through Balboa Press, and we’d love to send you a complementary copy for your review. Should we send it to the Surrey address? Thanks so much, Sir David Attenborough; we hope to hear from you. Sharon & Lenn

  2. Dear Sirs,
    after visiting the Natural History Museum to see the Blue whale which is amazing,Dear Sir would it be possible to cover Half the skeleton with a fabric to give the actual proportions off this great beast,

    Many thanks for all you have done for nature,
    I await your reply,
    Richard Sparey

  3. Dear David Attenbrough,

    We’re writing to inform you that as a school project (vhprimary) we have decided to investigate the problem of litter in the sea and at the beach. There is four of us and we are all in year 6 and need to sort this out. We have already taken a look at the sea and the beach and there is quite a lot of litter there especially in the rocks at the black palace beach. Hopefully, we can change this problem sooner rather than later.

    Kind regards Chloe Andrews, Kaiyah Dosanjh, Holly Guerin, Avni Kotari

  4. During the past six months or so, several posts have appeared on social media referring to netting being used throughout the UK on trees, hedges, shop fronts etc, etc. These are preventing our beautiful wild bird life from nesting. I appreciate developers are responsible for most of this, but how can they do this and be allowed to do this during important nesting periods?? I thought Sir David should be made aware – he is the most influential person to speak up for wildlife and they desperately need a champion at the moment. I don’t want our future generations to have to look at photos to know what our beautiful wild life birds looked like.

  5. I like to watch nature documentary but I despise your facts about the age of the universe and planet earth. Who is telling you all these nonsense facts your friend bill nye the science guy …he’s a joke and a liar. All of you leftest believed in evolution which is false…Almighty God (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit Created the whole universe NOT evolution. Man is not the cause of global warming and the garbage in our oceans are caused by these 3rd world countries. These young generation (and all you none believers) are going to hell with all the lies you told them about evolution. Satan has corrupted the educational system, and these false religions around the world. Yes, we all need to keep our planet clean for the next generations.

  6. I really admire and appreciate David Attenboughs knowledge. I would like to assist his efforts for our future. Does he have a list of direct action that an individual can take which will help facilitate forward momentum with maximum effect. Could call it his ten commandments of expediency. I am 60! Thanks for any guidance.

  7. Re your BBC program earlier this evening I note with interest but no surprise that you omitted any graph showing global warning against population. Until population reduction is taken seriously things will get steadily worse.

  8. My father James Grant used to write to governments stating that tree planting would regulate the climate but it use ignored

  9. I am pleased David has picked up on the warning I raised over 10 years ago that global warming is our greatest threat in thousands of years.
    It’s the old adage that ‘actions speak louder than words’ hence no doubt David and I will continue to flag our warnings as ultimately global warming is a fact of life – remember Planet Earth was once covered in Ice!

  10. at the moment i am watching your new documentary (our planet) and i am loving it like the ones before you learn and see so much nature. the only issue i have got is the volume on the music and your talking i have to put the volume down because the music is to loud then put the volume up when you start talking other wise i cant hear you. i am sorry but the person or persons that did this either have no experience or what were they thinking. it is putting me off.

  11. Good Day Sir David,

    I have lived in Southern Africa for most of my life ; namely Zimbabwe , before moving to Australia in 2004 ; due to the loss of my farm by the Mugabe government.
    Recently reading about the devastation of wildlife on the south east border namely the Save area.
    The Independent report states that up to 750 elephants have been poisoned.
    In this environment there is Nobody to prosecute the culprits.
    International assistance is critical.
    Please Sir David , we need your help?

  12. You suggested to use paper rather than plastic but on your television program Blue Planet you said that buy cutting down trees is contributing to global warming so is it still better to use paper?

  13. David I really enjoy your wildlife documentaries especially the one about Climate Change and what we can do about it.My theories which I have had for 20 years now are what you were saying which was I believe we have to start a project of growing global reforestation,construction of algae and peat lakes which will take around 10/15 years to develop this.This of course has to be done on 4 continents like stretching a green belt (lungs of the earth) around our planet.I am a scientist by tragedy not in your calibre David but I believe this has to be done.The countries affected will be in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world on latitude 0o till 20o South.We can make this further north if need be.The countries which will have this green belt in it must have I believe 40-50% of there country packed with this reforestation,algae lakes and peat lakes.People living in these regions might have to move to other areas of there country and we can still have transport,industry,and jobs in these countries as well as long as the construction of the green belt is not affected by humans and protected for life.We have to make the planet colder,this is essential and with more Oxygen being emitted by this huge abundant green belt on 4 continents this will happen.The 4 continents will be South America (which already has a lot of tropical rainforests),Africa,Southern Asia and Northern Australasia.To grow these trees like the Neen tree,Peepal tree,Areca Palm tree,Snake Plant tree,Madagascar Dragon tree,Gerba (Orange),the Baobab tree and Congo trees in Africa,all of these to be planted and grown more of them by the seedlings,fruits of these trees have to be put into pots with fertiliser and soil.They then have to be continually watered and once they get to 5 feet in height,remove them from the pots and place them in designated soil in the ground.Hundreds of these have to be grown into the pots and then over a 10 year period a fully mature tree will have grown.This produces through the magic of photosynthesis Oxygen is emitted into the atmosphere.As well as this huge pits need to be dug out and fresh water put into them with a great deal of algae and peat.Animals can grow in these lakes by the tropical rainforests but they will produce vast quantities of Oxygen and absorb the harmful greenhouse gas Carbon dioxide.Glucose will also be produced for the plants as well.Yes 50% of our Oxygen comes from seaweed,algae and marine phytoplankton in our oceans.There is I believe only 2 problems with this in that the CO2 which warms up our oceans and causes hurricanes,tropical cyclones and array of other castratophes is affecting the oceans and with increased flooding,expansion of the sea levels and acidity this has a tremendous effect on our oxygen emittance from the oceans.The other factor which is massive plastic wastage in our oceans which dosnt help the phytoplankton,algae and seaweed to produce 50% of our oxygen levels.I believe also that increased nitrous oxide,methane,CFCS and carbon monoxide from transport around the globe is increasing global warming and climate change.What I am suggesting is a massive green belt of lungs of the earth on 4 continents this has to be.Why does this occur in tropical regions? Because the humid conditions causes Oxygen and photosynthesis to occur more rapidly than in regions of Europe or further South and this latitude I have mentioned.Also another big big big reason why this has to be done is because at present the Ozone layer (blue glow from outer space) is getting thinner and thinner with holes appearing in it now.I believe this causes cancers on a regular basis in both humans and other living organisms.The Ozone layer is a protective layer surrounding our planet from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and needs to be strengthened big time.If not then in future we will be I believe living underneath the ground living on rat burgers to survive as the Ozone layer will be gone,flooding will be horrendous and there will be no protection from the sun.The only way this can stop I believe is to have regrowth of tropical rainforests and trees above like I have suggested and it will start off small but then over 10/15 year period we will see a change in the landscapes.The icebergs around the globe will start to regrow again instead of melting, therefore the sea levels will start to go down in height instead of getting more powerful like they are at the moment.The consistent hurricanes in Atlantic Ocean caused by CO2 warming up the Oceans will gradually start to decrease causing less devestation in America and the Caribbean.Less flooding will happen.Tropical cyclones in Southern Asia will be decreasing due to the coldness of the oceans.The temperature in England or in the U.K.I would want it to be in our winters regularly see snow on a big scale with temperatures going down to -10oc or less than this.This is great for our environment because it kills off viruses,flu, bugs,colds as well.Yes humans in the U.K.can get use to this by putting chains on there tyres or using snow tyres.And in the U.K.summers we have mild to warm summers with temperatures of 20-28oc. This is what needs to happen and more importantly when this process gets underway after 10/15 years the weather satellites can record the CO2 and Oxygen levels in the world’s atmosphere,and if still too much CO2 being emitted then more green belt needs to be grown on our land in the tropical and subtropical regions.Another massive important factor with this is that the continent of Africa will always have consistent rainfall so they can produce subsidiary farming with there own crops,and animal livestock.Yes America and Europe can help them out with this but there will be no need for any water holes in Africa anymore.This is a great thing which will happen having a fertile Africa.There can be wars in these countries but as long as the protected green belt is kept from harm.Also the countries which have these green belts can gain huge investment and capital with tourism by having tourists walk through the forestry areas with protected guides showing them the attractions.Gorillas,chimpanzees,snakes,watehogs, birds of all types can grow in these regions.Can be shown by the guides to the tourists who pay a fee for looking around these areas.
    The challenges to this project;
    1.Is persuading the world leaders to go ahead with this project which has to happen.
    2.Education is key to having the project underway,by informing the schools in these areas of green belt zones why this has to happen.Then with the students behind us they will persuade hopefully the Presidents and Primeministers of these green belt areas that this has to happen.
    3.Yes Primeministers and Presidents of these green belt countries on these 4 continents have to be persuaded that this has to happen.

    4.I believe that this is the most important time for this to take place and it is 100 times more important I believe than Brexit.

    5.The wild bull elephants which I believe are kings of the jungle will rub up against these trees in the future for scratching themselves and the seedlings will be transmitted onto them and then they can be transmitted the seedlings of these trees onto other regions of there country which is a great thing to happen.

    6.Yes 50% of our Oxygen is emitted from our oceans but this is not enough to cope with at present 7 billion humans on our planet,increased animal livestock,industrial pollution,burning of fossil fuels,deforestation which produces too much levels of carbon dioxide (CO2).With motor cars,aeroplanes, lorries producing high quantities of Nitrous Oxide, methane,carbon monoxide this just aids the global warming and climate change issue which I think are interlinked.This can all be stopped over a 10/15 year process by having a massive protected green belt around our planet on 4 continents.

    7.This is really important issue because God through mother nature is creating unstable climates and devestation in all areas of the world.Also more importantly our food supplies at home and around the world will be affected with climate changes.Food prices I believe will go up if this project is not carried out.

    8.We are doing this for the future generations of our children,grandchildren and great grand children so they can have a fertile planet in all continents to live upon.This is so important.

    9.I am a Christian and in Gods words in the Bible it says in Genesis chapter 1 verse 26; ‘Then God said,” Let us make man in our image after our likeness.And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” ESV BIBLE.

    This implies to me that God s expectation that human beings will use the earth wisely and govern it with same sense of responsibility and care that God has towards us and the whole of his creation.Dominion is the key word here for me in that we are not doing this over the last 500 years.Only with these proposals can we can get our climates around the world for the better.With colder oceans the fertility of fish in them will be a lot higher and the fertility of humans and all living creatures will go up which is a great thing to happen.As Christians we are now God’s disciples and we should be hopefully doing this for him.

    10.With the tremendous plastic wastage going into our oceans and into landfill sites an idea of mine which some other people might have thought of is to firstly clean out all the oceans of as much plastic as we can and compress it down and put it into large tankards which are used to ship clothes and motor vehicles across on ferries to Europe from the U.K. and then put all this plastic wastage into space shuttles from America,U.K.,Russia,China,India and send them into space and propel these large tankers with the plastic wastage inside them into space.Or if this is not seen as a good idea another way would be to propel these tankers from the space shuttles to go towards the sun and burn up that way these tankers or dig holes on the moon and put these tankers into them.I think putting the plastic wastage from landfill sites and from the oceans putting them into space with space rockets is the best idea.The global energy needed to do this would be great but would be compromised with huge levels of Oxygen being grown in a green belt around the Earth.

    11.I am a scientist who lives in Cambridge,United Kingdom and am 52 years old.I would love to hear your theories on my proposals and even meet up for a discussion about this at your convenience if you want to.I have a degree in Applied Science from Wolverhampton University and have done a few modules with Open University.I would love to get a response from you or meet up with you at any time on these proposals and what proposals and ideas you have come up with.My email address is [email protected]

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