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Tradeshift is a US-based software company which enables its customers to connect with the outside business world. Nowadays, you can perform large transactions on your phone, laptop which can only be possible with the introduction of IT sector. Tradeshift provides such services which helps in your daily routine business matters. They offer enterprise solutions like Tradeshift® Pay (for supply chain payments), Tradeshift® Buy (own supply chain marketplace) and Tradeshift® Apps (customize your chain digitalization). You can also log in or register with them for availing their e-invoicing services. Other similar options for you in UK are Folio3, Drunk Animal Creative Studio, Pixx Tech and Full2Design.

About/Wiki Tradeshift

Who is the founder of Tradeshift? Christian Lanng, Mikkel Hippe Brun, Gert Sylvest
Who is the CEO of Tradeshift? Christian Lanng
When did Tradeshift found? May 2010

Tradeshift commenced their business operations in the year 2010. Christian Lanng is the current CEO of this group.

What are the Phone Numbers of Tradeshift UK?

Customer Service Phone Number N/A
Toll-Free Helpline Number N/A
Customer Support Whatsapp Number N/A
Head Office Contact Number N/A
Head Office Fax Number N/A

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What are the Email IDs of Tradeshift UK?

Customer Service Email ID  [email protected]
Head Office Email ID  [email protected]

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What are the Office Addresses of Tradeshift UK?

Head Office Address Irongate House 22-30 Dukes Place, London EC3A 7LP United Kingdom
Corporate Office Address 612 Howard Street, Suite 100 San Francisco, CA 94105

Tradeshift is basically headquartered in San Francisco but their office in UK is established in London. You can visit their office only after taking proper appointments.

Official Website:

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